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Someone may be a victim of abuse and show no physical signs or they may be hurt and need medical attention, police protection and safe housing. WSC has services to meet the many and varied needs of abuse victims. If you or someone you know is being hurt — physically or emotionally — in an intimate relationship, learn how we can help.

If there is risk of physical danger, we urge you to call the police immediately and seek help as soon as possible.
Call us to learn more or if you need safety and counseling on how to live a life free of abuse : 099-88-78-08 / 24 hours

Do not inform your partner that you want to leave or divorce him. Most fatal incidents occur at this time. Our social worker will advice you how to leave your partner and with your children in safety.


    Legal Assistance
    WSC legal advocates help with the legal paper work, accompany victims to court and provide support and information on their legal rights and options.Our lawyer may assist you in cases of property disputes, custody of children, alimony, divorce, or filing criminal charges.

    Psychological Counseling
    Women who are suffering from domestic violence and abuse are often tormented; their self-esteem depleted, are withdrawn and lack initiative, can’t think independently, are depressed and feel hopeless. These women need most of all support and understanding but also help to build confidence in them.
    Children may also benefit from our child psychologist. Often children have to deal with fear, confusion, they are used as tools by parents, don’t understand how love and violence can co-exist. Children often develop speech problems, aggressive or overly passive behavior, fears, anxiety, bedwetting and even depression.

    Case Management
    Our social workers assess survivors needs using international standards as well as coordinate care services, including counseling, educational services, health care, and rehabilitation.